Twelve days at sea

We will return to North America by sea. At this time of year, some of the cruise ships that have been in Europe all summer are relocated to the Caribbean for the winter season. We will hitch hike aboard the “Jewel of the Sea” as she makes her way transatlantic to San Juan, Puerto Rico with three interesting stops along the way. From San Juan we will fly home via Chicago.

Our route homeward

We will be mostly out of contact for this part of our journey. Internet service on board will be way too expensive. 

My goal on the ocean passage is to work on my 2017 sermon series, in which we will follow “the red thread” of the Lord Jesus Christ through the whole Bible, savoring 52 key Scripture passages presenting Jesus as the ultimate Author, central theme, and central character of the Bible from beginning to end. There is no other name given under heaven by which we must be saved. There is no higher name.

The Trinity, in my favorite cathedral, Santa Croce, Florence

Please pray for God’s leading in this important work, and for my health at sea. Today we went to four pharmacies before we found the supplies we needed. I am so grateful for your prayers.

Grace and peace in the Lord,

Todd and Mei Li


2 thoughts on “Twelve days at sea

  1. Hope all goes well for you on your long boat ride home. At prayer this morning, Barb, Gerri, and I prayed for calm seas and no health issues that the ship’s Dr couldn’t handle. No more long walks! Get out to stretch your legs and breathe in the salt air, but otherwise take it easy. Mei Li, you can read all those books you’ve been downloading to your e-reader! Do you have a way to make tea in your room? We’ll be praying for God to guide you in next year’s sermon prep!


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