Bullet train to Rome

Today (Wednesday) we see a medical specialist in Salerno. In answer to prayer, Monday evening our landlord drove us to an area hospital (it was very third world in cleanliness and equipment) to address my medical emergency and then I was released to go back home. Eduardo, the Brazilian evangelist from the Nouva Vita church got me an appointment to see the specialist today. Yesterday was pretty much a national holiday. Everything stops for All Saints Day except that restaurants are busy. The doctor examined me, read the history of my two doctor visits, heard and OK’d my travel plans homeward, and wrote me new prescriptions for the journey. Then he charged me 100 euros for his consultation, and we spent another 100 euros today for supplies and meds.

Vietri point looking toward Salerno

Tomorrow we take the FrecciaBianca (White Arrow) to Rome. Our two second class tickets with assigned seats bought well in advance were $22.50 for what would be almost a 3 hour drive by car. Our last Air BnB is located across the River on the Vatican side of the city. Our plan in Rome is to visit the catacombs, the final part of the Appian Way, and the Mamertine prison.

Salerno harbor, looking toward Vietri

 We will miss beautiful Salerno but we are confident the gospel continues to advance here.



One thought on “Bullet train to Rome

  1. We certainly enjoyed Rome. We did take the bus to the Catacombs and it was very much worth the bus ride out. We spent about 3/4 of a day there. It was a beautiful area to walk around including the the tour. Rome was so busy with loads of tourists, everyone seemed to have a roller bag as they headed to their home. We stayed in a small place on the 3rd floor which provided Breakfast and helped us secure a cab to the airport. We shopped the stalls throughout the city, finding lots of bargains to bring home like small leather purses. The Vatican was also very worthwhile, although on our 2nd trip to Rome it was too crowded to even get in. We pray you are feeling some better.
    Too bad trips abroad go so quickly.
    Donna and Spark


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