More Vietri adventures

Today was a partial rest day, and we stayed within a short bus ride of the apartment. In the early morning we struck out looking for a cappuccino as the ‘bar’ down at the waterfront was closed. But looking for another, we stumbled into a larger grocery than we thought existed in the area. After a visit to the tabaccaio for local bus tickets and the farmacista for my supplies, we went home and had eggs, cereal, and fruit. Then we took the bus up the very steep hill to the town proper of Vietri. Google maps says it is an eleven minute walk either way, and it had only taken the taxi two to come hurtling down, but we knew better and took the bus. The one-way road up took the bus the full 11 minutes with all the switch-backs and twists and hairpin turns.

Shopper’s paradise in Vietri town. The duomo is glazed into the wall.

Vietri is known for its colorful and creative ceramics, and there are many shops to explore. We stopped for a cappuccino, and it was the strongest one I’d encountered in Italy yet. $1.12

Jon Hartzler would enjoy these snipe and waterfowl hunting scenes

With my heart Beating the drum we walked up to the duomo, Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Giovanni Battista, the parish church of St. John the Baptist.

A very lovely, very old cathedral at the top of the hill town

To my great surprise it has been here far longer than I would have guessed. Parts of the building were from the 600’s, the dome is from the 700’s, and the rest of the church is a mixture of the eras since. The total effect is striking. I found the sanctuary led one’s heart into worship and are were signs of “life” in the congregation there.

Drone’s eye view of the dome and bell tower

Mei Li found some treasures

After enjoying the skill of a 20-something accordionist we walked downhill, home. The one-way road down is much more direct (think ski chute) and like Google maps says, took about 11 minutes to walk.

Mei Li was very bored later on so we walked through the beach village and use a steep walkway into the hillside villas and hotels. The views were amazing. In the evening we went for a nice dinner back at our new friend’s restaurant. Buon appeti!

Bruschetta, $3.50

Mei Li’s seafood pasta, $12

Calamari, $14.50

Lemon Delight, $4.50 

The kindly owner

Co-owner, his wife



2 thoughts on “More Vietri adventures

  1. Looks like your having fun. Yesterday it was 70 here, today dreary and rainy but sort of mild. We enjoy your pictures of the food. Glad you are feeling better.
    Spark made Pecan Pumpkin torte for my Birthday tomorrow and has watched hours of sports.

    We had sad news yesterday. Spark’s nephew Keith 53 went hunting and never returned. He died of a heart attack in the woods. We will go to his funeral in South Dakota, Friday. His kids are in college and a daughter married. He often filled the pulpit in his church and others in the area. Both his parents
    ( Spark’s sister) are in the home at Springfield, not in good health themselves.

    Mike was here yesterday to clean our garage for my Birthday present. What a great, thoughtful gift!
    I have been mailing them your posts. He thought you were working way too hard on these emails, but enjoying reading about Italy. He thought you should take more time for yourself!

    Time is going quickly.
    Donna and Spark


    • Hello Donna and Spark,
      Saddened for Keith’s family and their grieving, and yet we can anticipate he is Home and try and rejoice. Every day alive on earth is a gift, isn’t it? None of us deserve any of the blessings we are given from above. May God bring His comfort to Keith’s family.
      Yes, I have been working hard on writing and processing our sabbatical experiences as a part of my own growth and accountability to my congregation.
      Weather here has been very fine and today we plan to visit the only evangelical Christian church I can find in Salerno. Then we hope to see Paestum. Ciao!


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