In the Vietri sur Mare neighborhood

We bundled up against the wind but it was 60 degrees

More of that left side hill behind the village. Sand soccer field.

Our Air BnB apartment is a two room 2nd floor apartment in this scenic neighborhood between Salerno and Amalfi. The building is old, I’m guessing early 1900’s: 16 foot high arched ceilings, non-square corners. It may have a military past, perhaps an ammo dump. The town today is really a village, close-nit and friendly. In July and August it explodes with tourists, we are told. A fine beach, boats to rent, villas and hillside hotels, all with amazing views. Lots of restaurants, bars and gelato shops with maybe half still open this time of year. We get to be here with no tourists and the village relaxed.

Adjacent hillside. We live behind the yellow building at left. Creek.

Today I was definitely feeling better so we went out for a walk and lunch. It was bright, sunny and windy. The town had just local folks who have been very kindly toward us. Last night we arrived here from the train station by taxi and the taxi driver couldn’t find the address. Google maps said the apartment was a block away. But within 5 minutes of stepping out of the taxi a kind gentleman who had no English asked for the address and went off in pursuit. He came back puzzled, but when he saw my paperwork that Ciro was the Air BnB host, he smiled, “Oh, Ciro!” (pronounced Cheer-o) and immediately called him up. In two minutes we were at the apartment.

View east to Salerno. Can’t wait until we can see Amalfi to the west!

We couldn’t seem to find a restaurant open, and with customers in it, and with a posted menu or one we thought was reasonably priced for the off season, so disappointed, we headed toward the tiny grocery store and something to eat. My appetite is back! And as we approached the store we saw the kindly man from the night before. He was putting restaurant outdoor dining patio equipment away. We stopped in front of a small restaurant. He asked if we wanted pizza or some lunch, and opened the door of that very restaurant! He was the owner, and made me this margerita pizza (15″ diameter, about $5) and his wife made us bruschetta and Mei Li Spaghetti con Vongole. Awesome! We told the wife (whose English is quite good) how special her husband is. She smiled. She knew. She said we all just need to be generous with each other.

My pizza. I ate 1/3 and we took the rest home.

Spaghetti with clams

The pizza is really really good. Sorry I didn’t photograph the $4 bruschetta. We were too busy eating it. That was pretty much our day. I took it easy the rest of the day. Ciao!


2 thoughts on “In the Vietri sur Mare neighborhood

  1. So glad you are feeling better and your appetite is coming back! The wife is right, we just need to be generous/kind with each other. There would be a lot fewer problems in this world if we did that. Once again, God is watching out for you and blessing you with the kindness of strangers. It looks beautiful there – are you going to rent a boat and go out sailing? It was beautiful today in Hutchinson, too. We might have hit a record high for the day. Ellen Sivright went with me to pray in Robbinsdale and then I spent a good part of the afternoon hanging out with Amy and Kim, helping to get the newsletter out. It will be weird tomorrow morning at Alpha/Omega prayer to not have you there, but you will definitely be on everyone’s mind and we will be praying for you!


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