Fighting a bug but enjoying the waterfront

We walked along the Brindisi waterfront which is still today a busy port with yachts, cruise ships, and ferries to Greece. I could imagine military and trading ships pulling into this port in the first century.

Brindisi Marina near our apartment

This Roman column near the quay marks the start of the Appian Way

We visited the Roman column marking the start of the Appian Way. There used to be a second column next to this one but it was moved to a neighboring town for their heritage. Our apartment is near a major coast guard station. The coast guard in this port and others has been very busy in recent months rescuing sinking boats full of migrants from North Africa.

I spent most of a couple of days in bed fighting an infection which led to dehydration and a trip to the emergency room. They did blood tests and x-rays and were very professional, kind, and funny. Our apartment host’s daughter Francesca took us to the ER and her dad had already called ahead to ask for an English speaking doctor. I didn’t even need the translator app on the iPad.

Waiting for my test results.

My heaven-sent caregivers

Francesca, a Catholic, seemed God-sent to us in her generous care for us. No doubt that was an answer to the prayers of my church family! She came back twice later in the day to check on me and she will bring prayers to God for me tonight at church. The other amazing thing is that with socialized medicine like Canada has, the bill for the hospital was $0. I only had to pay for my meds. I am still under doctor’s instructions and prescriptions for another week to heal. Next stop is Salerno by train on Thursday. I will need a clinic visit there.


4 thoughts on “Fighting a bug but enjoying the waterfront

  1. YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO GET SICK ON SABBATICAL – IT’S NOT IN THE PLANS. But, of course, God’s plans are sometimes different than ours and always the best for us and for HIS glory. Thank you to God for taking care of you through Francesca and her father and the English speaking doctor. We prayed for you at Bible Study last night. I shared how when we went to Ethiopia that one of my fears was that one of us would get sick and then what would we do? Thankfully we were only a little sick when we got sick and didn’t need any medical care that we couldn’t provide for each other. Please do what you can to keep healthy, but involve us for prayer if and when you need it!


  2. We’re very much enjoying your blog. Sorry to hear about the illness, but sounds like the timing was right for your care. We’ll keep praying. Looking forward to learning more about Italy and the Gospel!


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