We fly south to Brindisi, start of the Roman Road

Today we relocated from Florence to Brindisi for the half-way point of our sabbatical.

On the way to Brindisi

If you can picture Italy in the shape of a boot, then Brindisi is on the boot heel. We are exploring this part of Italy because we have never been this far south in Italy before, and because when the Gospel was first being spread, Brindisi may have been its entry point to Italy and possibly Southern Europe West of Greece.  

The Appian Way

Brindisi was a very key port on the Roman network of roads and ship passages connecting the empire. If you were traveling from Rome going East to Corinth or Athens or Macedonia or Further East to Asia Minor or the Holy Lands, you would likely travel overland on the Roman Road to Brindisi, board a ship here and cross over. Mediterranean winds can be fierce (sciroccos) and rounding the southern end of Italy could be hazardous. It would be safer to go overland from Rome and then board ship in Brindisi or Bari. Even today you can easily take a ferry to Corfu in Greece from Brindisi. 

You can see Brundisium (Brindisi) on the map

When Paul was being taken under arrest to Rome for trial, if his ship had not been blown far west of its intended track and been shipwrecked on Malta, he might have arrived in Italy at Brindisi. His group finally connected with the Appian Way near modern day Naples.

Tomorrow we will walk 30 minutes to an Assembly of God church, one of a very few Protestant churches in Brindisi, to participate in worship, though we expect everything will be in Italian!


2 thoughts on “We fly south to Brindisi, start of the Roman Road

  1. Today is a nice sunny day in Minnesota. Afternoon temp is 68 degrees. We are almost finished with putting our house back together, some 48 days later. Just a few little things left. It has been quite a time. Spark went up and spent two days cleaning attic after they got done with roof plus taking chimney down to the roof. What a mess of grit after all the cleaning which they came in to do. We did it kind of backwards.
    This morning was fun with Don Martin’s “Best 6 days of his life”. He is quite a storyteller and joke teller. It was entertaining. The Gophers won, the Lynx lost their tournament.
    Fun to follow your pictures and maps. What a good time to travel when there are less crowds and good weather. The Italians are an exuberant people. Do you like their pizza? I guess I prefer ours, they never use as much cheese as in the USA. Did you have reservations ahead for places to stay or do you just wing it?
    The time is going by quickly for you.
    Spark and Donna


    • Hello Spark and Donna,
      In our Tacoma house the attic was a mess too after the roofers were done! I can relate.
      We booked our Air BnB places months ago as the popular places in Florence and Rome will fill up. Also, the exchange rate was good back then. How would we know it is even better now?
      I like some Italian pizza, but generally the Americans make better tasting pizza. The American crust is better. However, American pizza is less healthy with processed cheese. Some of the cheese pizza I’ve had here is better in that respect.
      Hope you two will rest up some after the house is put back together. Miss you!
      Todd and Mei Li


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